FlashScan V2 VIN License

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$125.00 (USD)

FlashScan_V2_VIN_4de725d7db142_90x901FlashScan V2 customers may purchase additional VIN licenses to tune extra controllers. Each license purchased will allow tuning of one engine/powertrain and one transmission controller.
FlashScan V2’s VIN licensing scheme does not rely on the VIN but on other, non-VIN data, unique to each controller. What that means is, a VIN license is required for each pair of engine and transmission controllers that you wish to reprogram, regardless of the VIN that is programmed into the controllers. The engine and transmission “pair” may be reprogrammed while installed in the same or different vehicles, it does not matter.

FlashScan can be used to reprogram the VIN in the engine and/or transmission controllers if desired. Reprogramming the VIN in a controller does not require a license.

There is no requirement to return your FlashScan cable to EFILive. The VIN license is delivered via email.

FlashScan V2 is pre-configured with two VIN licenses. Additional licenses may be purchased up to a limit of 220 per Flashscan V2 device.